The Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic offers rapid access to treatment.
Appointments are available most weekday afternoons and evenings.

You do not necessarily need a doctor's referral to begin a course of physiotherapy. However, it is usual for the physiotherapist to contact your GP or consultant during or after treatment.

What to Expect

Your first visit will involve a detailed discussion of your injury/condition, how it is affecting your life as well as covering general health issues. This is followed by a physical examination and further discussion or explanation highlighting what is wrong, how physiotherapy can help or whether referral to eg GP, consultant or podiatrist is advisable.

Your physiotherapy programme aims to clear your existing symptoms and help prevent recurrences. It is about helping you understand just what is wrong, and so helping you to play an active role in your own rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy sessions will usually involve some combination of:

  • appropriate exercise and advice on suitable activity (whatever your age and level of fitness);
  • 'hands-on' techniques;
  • self help measures;
  • electrotherapy.

Treatment is always tailored to your abilities and the particular needs of your condition.

You will be requested to expose the affected area for assessment and treatment so please dress in a way you will feel comfortable. You are welcome to be accompanied during treatment if you wish.

Conditions commonly treated are:

  • Shoulder problems (eg frozen shoulder, tendonitis)
  • Spinal problems (eg low back pain, trapped nerve, 'whiplash')
  • Muscle or ligament tears (eg sprained ankle, tennis elbow)
  • Problems with aging joints (osteoarthritis)
  • Following fracture repair (to regain movement & strength)
  • Work related problems (eg RSI).

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