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Sports Injuries Treatments in Ramsbottom Bury

Injured… or just too many aches and pains?

We all get backache, stiff necks or creaky knees at some time – whatever our age.
Whether you have a recent injury or a longstanding problem, deal with your aches and pains quickly, effectively and help to prevent them returning.

At the Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic, Robert Mandel offers a professional, trustworthy, friendly service.

Physiotherapy can help if you have had a recent injury, a chronic problem or simply feel that you have more aches and pains than you should. Early treatment can mean a quicker recovery with less time off work. Whatever your problem – move better, feel stronger and be more confident in your body.

About Robert Mandel

Robert Mandel is a Chartered Physiotherapist who established his Ramsbottom practice in 1991. He also works as a Senior Physiotherapist in the NHS as well as in industry. Read more about Robert Mandel.

About the clinic

The Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic is located within Market Chambers, a superb Victorian building situated in the centre of Ramsbottom, Bury. Although there are steps at the front entrance, flat access is available via the side entrance.
Free parking is available both in front of the building and in the nearby Market Place car park.

The clinic is a small, single-handed practice run with dedication to providing high quality, evidence-based therapy in a way which is sensitive to patients’ needs. It is about treating the person not just the symptoms.

For those requiring urgent treatment, appointments are often available at short notice. Sessions are available weekday afternoons and evenings.

Robert Mandel provides expert advice and treatment for patients with a range of musculoskeletal conditions. His particular interests include the following.

Sports Injuries now make up around one quarter of the caseload at the physiotherapy clinic. As an enthusiastic (if not particularly talented and now aging) distance runner, Robert developed an interest in sports related injuries. He is keenly aware of the need for rapid effective treatment to aid return to full fitness and performance whatever your sport.

Physiotherapy Services to Business. Musculoskeletal disorders are the commonest occupational conditions in the UK accounting for the loss of some 9.5 million working days pa. Working with a physiotherapist can help your company keep people productively at work or help them return to work quickly.

Long term painful conditions pose a huge problem both to individuals and society in general. Physiotherapy can play a major part in helping sufferers of chronic musculoskeletal conditions manage their pain, remain active and improve their quality of life.


Available from 2pm - 9pm most weekdays
Home visits available
Appointments arranged at short notice

Phone: 01706 827 748

Physiotherapy Treatments

Robert Mandel specialises in the treatment of conditions affecting the musculo-skeletal system including:

  • Spinal problems
  • Joint problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Before or after surgery
  • Following fractures
  • Work related injuries
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Robert Mandel Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic,
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